I have been a teacher and student of metaphysics, holistic wellbeing and expansion for over 45 years.  In addition to spiritual intuitive sessions, I am a Universal Energy Healing facilitator, member of the Sound Healers Association, and was a long time Mental Health and Hospice professional. Additionally I’m a Certified Conscious Aging facilitator through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, offering workshops, classes and mentoring in manifesting a creative and mindful life at all stages of our life journey.

Connected to a generational link of women intuitives, my sense of inner knowing and vision initially developed in childhood, and throughout my life I’ve been blessed with the guidance of many wonderful teachers and paths.  I’ve been told I offer penetrating insights with sensitivity and integrity,  reflecting your life path and the inner knowing of your heart and soul. I reside surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains, and as well have made pilgrimages to sacred sites in Ireland, India and Greece;  humbling, profound and enriching experiences which have enhanced my insight.  Over the years my work has been featured on radio, television and print media on both Coasts.


Dear Friends,  

I would like to clarify that I don’t engage in fortune telling…the future is determined by the choices we make in the present! Using the guidance I receive through sensing, hearing, seeing and listening, I illuminate likely outcomes if one continues on the present course, as well as significant past and present influences. With the understanding that if we want a different outcome, we can always choose differently, my aim is to reflect back to you the calling of your deeper self. My philosophy is that YOU are your own highest authority as regards your wellbeing. I seek to serve as a facilitator for empowerment, healing, transformation and growth.

With gratitude,




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