Over the years I have found that what people ultimately seek through sessions can be distilled into a few common themes:  developing and trusting in one’s own intuition, navigating change with grace and courage, and self love and empowerment.
With this in mind, I have been inspired to offer a mentor/guide program, one that would be very accessible and affordable.  Each week we would connect by phone for about half an hour in a process of exploration, self discovery and deepening awareness.  I provide you with guidance, tools, exercises, articles, and suggestions.   We would check in by email  during the week. In our next phone session we share what your experience was like and I offer further suggestions, tools, etc for the new week. Please note, I request an initial one month commitment.  The cost would be $36 a week, first month payable in advance and not refundable… that is to encourage accountability and personal responsibility for how much energy you choose to invest in the journey. Should you wish to continue after that, we could then discuss how often… weekly, every two weeks, and payment could either be in advance or as you go.  I know this is an astonishingly low fee for a mentoring program, but I really want to make it available to those who are genuinely ready.
To be clear, this is not a therapy type relationship and our phone sessions will not be “readings”, nor will they be for focusing on specific issues going on in your life.  We can schedule a regular full session for that type of support if you like.  The focus of this program will be to expand and develop your stated goal..spiritual expansion, deepening intuition, self esteem and self empowerment.  Due to time constraints, and to ensure quality, I will need to limit the number of people I accept. Whether this is for you or not, I wish you joy, growth and curiosity on your path!
Pay via PayPal for Mentor Program- one week/$36:

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Pay for Mentor Program- one month/$144:

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I am happy to offer workshops that are experiential, engaging, validating and fun! Topics include:

.Developing Connection to Intuition
.Working with the Energy in Your Hands
.Creating a Personal Mandala for Meditation and Growth
.Writing a Personal Life Review/Memoir
.Spiritual Journaling and Collage
.Vocal Yoga: a  Voice and Sound Playshop
.Manifesting Loving Relationships, Starting with Yourself
.The Sensual Goddess: Celebrating the Divine Feminine Within
.Conscious Aging with Grace, Courage and Joy
Please contact me at  to inquire about hosting a workshop.